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Specializing in Hedge Fund Administration and Related Corporate Bookkeeping

Our Fund Accounting & Administration Company

What we bring to the table

  • Twenty Years of Experience
  • Proven Track Record of Confidentiality
  • Dependable References
  • Strong History of Deadline Performance
  • Superb Client Relationships
  • Deep Hedge Fund Expertise

As a NAV Light Administrator we work with domestic, offshore, and master-feeder structures. We are a strong fit for newly launching funds, as well as taking over existing funds from previous administrators, and have a good history of onboarding successfully from our colleagues in the industry. We have no set minimum asset values for new clients. We offer cost-effective bookkeeping on your fund, and provide help to your investors with all of their documentation, ensuring that both your books, and your client services are handled correctly. We have history with Funds trading in most strategies, and Private Equity Fund experience. We maintain good communications with our clients, their investors and their other service providers, ensuring excellent relationships all around.

Hedge Fund Bookkeeping & Administration Services

  • Weekly net performance estimates
  • Monthly reconciliation to prime broker
  • Monthly tracking of limited partner capital flows and review of related documentation
  • Monthly Financial Statement preparation
  • Monthly Capital Schedule preparation
  • Monthly/Quarterly generation of client reports
  • Ongoing interface with legal and audit advisors
  • Annual co-ordination with audit team, ongoing audit preparation
  • Site visits as needed, ongoing electronic communication

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Management Company
Bookkeeping Services

  • Bill Payment
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Ownership Allocations
  • Co-ordination with Tax Professionals

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Our Professional Hedge Fund Accounting Team

We have been here for our customers and will continue to be.

For twenty years our experienced and dedicated accounting staff has brought deep institutional hedge fund knowledge, management experience and high-touch service. We achieve excellence through a casual and friendly approach coupled with a 98% employee retention rate.

chris o'neil hedge fund accounting expert

Christine A. O'Neill





Our Hedge Fund Client Testimonials

I’ve been working with Chris and Financial Solutions for now over eleven years since our fund was founded and in fact, they are our only service provider that has yet to turn over, which speaks to their quality. They do a wonderful job, professional, work well with our auditors and it is also the little things, like answering their own phones and being so courteous and prompt with inquiries from LP’s that strongly distinguish them from bigger, more impersonal and far more expensive firms.

Jim Silverman
Opaleye Management

Financial Services has played an essential role in our investment firm as we have successfully grown our hedge fund over the last decade. Beyond standard fund administrator services, their team has tailored performance and client reporting to our specific needs. They have also provided services outside the scope of vanilla fund administration that is essential in today’s compliance environment. Their firm has assisted us with necessary custodial reporting, maintenance of historical performance data and virtually all interactions with audit and tax professionals. For over a decade Chris and her team has been a trusted fiduciary partner to us and enabled us to focus our time on picking stocks and delivering investment returns to our clients.

Bob Sales
LMK Capital Management

Piper Cove Fund has worked with Financial Solutions for more than ten years, during which time Chris and her team have been reliable and versatile in handling several large LP reporting systems as well as administering our internal accounts. It is a pleasure to work with the group and know they will be completely responsive to us and on top of any needs that may come up for our clients.

Laura Nash,
Piper Cove Asset Management

We have worked with Chris O’Neill and Financial Solutions for over 20 years and are pleased to say that our mutual clients are always very happy with the quality and professionalism of the fund administration services received. Chris’ experience is well suited for funds of both SEC and Non-SEC Investment Managers, that want the expertise of an experienced administrator as well as personalized service.

Donald R. Sandler, CPA, MST
Sandler & Company, P.C.

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